Vitamins & Health Supplements

Studies have proven the benefits of health supplements in providing the essential nutrients for people who do not consume sufficient amount of nutrition in their diet. While food variety is important for the overall health, current lifestyle has seen a decline in healthy food consumption, hence the need for supplements.

Champs Vitamin C and Multivitamins are fortified with vitamins and minerals essential for your child’s growth at all stages. Give your children the protection of vitamins every day. It will provide them with the ability to develop healthy bones and teeth, heal cuts, strengthen their immune system and help with their normal growth. Champs is the mother’s choice for champions.


Be creative. Be bold. Be innovative. Be active at work or play. Be anything you want to be with Flavettes Vitamin C to boost your immune system. Just chew it for a healthier body.


When you feel at your peak, you can do more, achieve more, enjoy more. Take Proviton daily and be at your most every day. Proviton range of multivitamin is an antioxidant for energy and stamina.


Nature has everything we need to produce Naturalle supplements. We choose high quality natural ingredients to ensure you get the very best that nature has to offer. No preservatives. No artificial colours. No added flavours or sweeteners. Life is better with Naturalle. Natural ingredients, Naturalle health.