Over The Counter


Certain mild conditions do not require prescription from a healthcare professional. These medicines are available in pharmacies where they fall under the over-the-counter (OTC) category. They are mostly taken for relieving aches, pains, tooth problems, coughing or heartburn

Uphamol 650

Uphamol 650 contains 650mg paracetamol, the right dosage to relieve common headaches. One tablet is enough

Reading or surfing the internet under low light, exposure to dust and excessive brightness will cause eyes to be tired, irritated and strained. EyeGlo provides comfort in every drop. Show your eyes some love. Stop abusing your eyes with EyeGlo.

Too much stomach acid can cause heartburn, upset stomach or indigestion. Alucid helps to lower the amount of acid in the stomach. Take Alucid to relief gastric pain, hyperacidity, flatulence and heartburn. Alucid soothes it all.