What is HALAL Built In, Not Tested For

Halal built-in is a systematic approach to Halal product development which begins with predefined objectives by management and embeds or integrates the requirements of Halal as part of the overall management & control systems in all aspect of manufacturing/production, from strategy/planning to R&D to raw material sourcing until delivery of finish product to its point of purchase, ensuring continuous compliance to the specific Halal requirements and the aspects of product safety, efficacy/effectiveness and quality, along with the hygienic aspects in manufacturing and handling of the Halal product. Halal requirements are as stated by Shariah and fatwa, which are incorporated into Halal standards which can be in the form of the standards developed by MS and also standard pharmaceutical references such as Halal Pharmacopoeia and Halal monographs when available. Halal should not be tested into products but should be built in into the management system.