Products that contain ingredients permitted under the Shariah law and fulfill the following conditions:
a) Do not contain any parts or products of animals that are non-halal by Shariah law or any parts or products of animals which are not slaughtered according to Shariah law;
b) Do not contain najs according to Shariah law;
c) Safe for human use non-poisonous, non-intoxicating or non-hazardous to health according to prescribed dosage;
d) Not prepared, processed or manufactured using equipment contaminated with najs according to Shariah law;
e) Do not contain any human parts or its derivatives that are not permitted by Shariah law; and
f) During its preparation, processing, handling, packaging, storage and distribution, the halal pharmaceutical products are physically separated from any other pharmaceutical products that do not meet the requirements stated in items a), b), c), d) or e) or any other items that have been decreed as non-halal and najs by Shariah law.

In general for something to be declared as Halal it must be:
a. Free of, and not made or containing any part or substance taken or extracted from animal which are forbidden (HARAM) to be consumed by Muslim according Islamic laws.
b. Not containing any substance which is declared as filth according to Islamic laws.
c. Not prepared, processed, produced or manufactured using utensils, equipment and/or machinery which are not free from filthy substances as directed by Islamic laws.
d. During preparation, processing or storage it should not come into contact or be in close proximity with any food which do not fulfill the requirements as stipulated in paragraph a, b and c or any substance declared as being filth according to Islamic Law.

Halal certified refers to products which have been endorsed as Halal by a credible Islamic body (JAKIM). Often times, Halal certification involves a series of steps including ingredient verification, inspection/audit and approval by JAKIM.

Halal certification is guarantee that the product meets the requirements of Halal standard MS2424:2012.

Consumers may recognize these products through the logo or name of recognized halal certification body on the product label.

a. Local
Only JAKIM recognizes halal certification conducted by the State Islamic Religious Departments (JAIN) & State Islamic Religious Councils (MAIN)
b. Foreign
The information on these bodies and their logos may be obtained through the halal portal at www.halal.gov.my or through a brochure listing foreign halal certification bodies available from the Halal Hub Division of JAKIM.

Yes, our gelatin source is HALAL and it’s derived from halal source approved by JAKIM example bovine which is recognized and approved by JAKIM and Department Veterinary Services (DVS).

Alcohol that derived from industrial processes (chemical synthesis) is permitted to be used in pharmaceutical while alcohol that is used for the liquor manufacturing plant is not permitted.